Starfield rating is reduced to 'mixed' on Steam

Starfield rating is reduced to ‘mixed’ on Steam

Starfield rating is reduced to ‘mixed’ on Steam


Oh, what a way Starfield is falling in such a short time. A negative reaction to the sci-fi game has led to the Steam rating slipping from “mixed” to “mixed”; although that isn’t necessarily bad, it’s definitely not great.

There has been a lot of activity between 6 and September 6 – all the launch of new games and some are blowing critics and gamers off – so Starfield appears to be an old game. At the time of its launch on our site, GAMINGbible we awarded an overall score of 10/10 and we don’t do lightly. Since then, however, the response to the game has waned to flames, with it being played by fewer people than Skyrim.

The game is not only looking awful for Bethesda the fact that one of its older games is more popular than its latest, puts the history of Starfield itself in danger. It’s all you need to do is look at the way that it is not featured across all The Game Awards 2023 categories to realize how this game has been left out.

In addition to that, there’s a change in the player’s reviews in”mixed. “mixed” rating zone, which is the “average” section of the review. I was a student who scored lots of Cs in high school, that’s the standard grade that defines the average academic I’m not going to slam anything that doesn’t meet expectations. However, it’s not going to suggest a good thing for an AAA game to receive an unsatisfactory rating, in particular after all the hype generated about the game.

What was it that Bethesda made a mistake What did they do wrong? “I am enjoying it Starfield and Fallout] and it’s among my favourite games However, I’m nearing the hour mark and I’m beginning to feel bored by the game. I took more time to become bored of the Fallout 4..”

The group continued “My biggest gripe is that you can sit down for a [two to three] hour play session, and it feels like you’ve done nothing at the end between the load screens, cumbersome travel methods, long walks on desolate planets, and getting stuck in overly extended dialogue sequences.” It’s true many other players are similarly affected, with issues relating to previous games, in addition to a resentment of the slow loading speed.

However, however, the fans believe that this game deserves praise in spite of opponents. “I very much enjoy it, but I can totally see why somebody wouldn’t,” said Passey92. It is possible that the game has numerous advantages, as demonstrated by a player about to begin in the 10th game of New Game Plus. I am left to think about whether we place too many expectations on the new games, without sufficient evidence that supports it. In addition, it reminds me to be aware that games, just like any other, are a subjective impression.

Starfield rating is reduced to ‘mixed’ on Steam
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