Steam offers six new free games this December!
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Steam offers six new free games this December!


Steam offers six new free games this December!


What could possibly beat getting six free video games this December via Steam?

Steam can be daunting when it comes to selecting an indie game to pass our time; yet with today’s cost of living crisis it can only be considered as a good thing when free video gaming options can help pass some time!


Thank goodness Free Steam Games has showcased six titles on PC that will allow us to not only escape our daily concerns, but have plenty of fun while doing it. So which free titles can I play right now on Steam at no cost, I hear you ask?

Zombie Killing Simulator: Zombie Killing Simulator has the appearance and feel of budget Serious Sam; its description reads as such: “Kill zombies by the dozen in various game modes! From spaceship combat and Roman Colosseum arena reenactments to customizing your levels in an online editor! There’s only one important aspect in this game – killing zombies is very satisfying!” With Wave, Tower Defense and minigame modes along with various minigames all offered within Zombie Killing Simulator as well as Wave, Tower Defence minigames as well as minigames among many more to enjoy in its library of modes!

Grappling Gunner: Arena FPS: As its name implies, Grappling Gunner is an arena first-person shooter PvP game featuring two grappling shots for high-speed gunfights with full freedom of movement utilizing seven skills such as teleportation and bullet time for maximum enjoyment! This could provide hours of simplified fun.

Pinball M: Combines classic arcade pinball action with horrifying horror, for an unparalleled gaming experience! “Get ready for tilt into terror with this new horror-inspired pinball platform designed specifically to test fearless players’ skills on some of the darkest, gory tables ever created!” reads its description of playback.

Bronzebeard’s Tavern: Have you ever wanted to run your own tavern with friends while creating absolute chaos in its process? While such may not guarantee real world success, in Bronzebeard’s Taven it sounds like pure fun. “Briard’s Tavern” “is an entertaining restaurant manager simulation with multi-player co-op that allows 1-4 players to work as part of a team to serve customers from various categories while creating delectable Dwarven cuisine!”

VDSC: Voltsland is an epic battle royale experience designed to bring out your inner warrior. Battle it out against 24 other players for Honour, Wealth and Power across multiple battlegrounds while looting weapons and supplies strategically to remain victorious on Steam’s description page.

Lost Cat is an endearing single player adventure game which challenges you to collect enough fish while dodging traps and monsters to make progress through each level easier.” Use your brainpower and strategy for maximum fun when clearing levels!

All the games listed above are currently free-to-play and without expiry dates, allowing you to download them freely and enjoy playing at your leisure. So download, enjoy, and spread the word!

Steam offers six new free games this December!
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