Geralt actor has convinced us of his Witcher 4 theory.

Geralt actor has convinced us of his Witcher 4 theory.

Geralt actor has convinced us of his Witcher 4 theory.


Big games, particularly sequels, usually cause fans to develop theories and generate theories for them based on speculation and ideas from various fans. It’s part of any form of entertainment but especially gaming.

As The Witcher 3 remains popular and we embark on its sequel journey, fans and experts are speculated about its contents – particularly from Doug Cockle himself – who voiced Geralt. One prominent theory coming out of him?

Although little information exists regarding The Witcher 4, Cockle hasn’t held back from discussing it during recent interviews. Speaking to IGN, Cockle stressed he did not possess direct details regarding Polaris as currently codenamed; and confirmed the series will move away from Geralt’s adventures towards new experiences with unknown characters, beginning a trilogy of games.

At least according to actor Sebastian Stan, Ciri is one of the fan favorite characters from The Witcher 3 who could become central figure of CD Projekt RED’s new title. Stan credits books as his primary source and playable scenes featuring Ciri from most recent game as evidence that CD Projekt RED may be looking at passing off control to her in terms of narrative control.

“They have stated that the focus for the game won’t be Geralt, so I am eager to discover their choice of emphasis – though my ideas don’t stand up well so far,” Cockle noted. He suggested one viable theory was they’ll focus more on Ciri in her adventures than any other character in some way or form.

Fans have long appreciated Ciri and the cast surrounding Geralt, making this move less disruptive in terms of playing Geralt than switching over completely with new characters we know nothing about. Plus, Geralt could still feature as an independent character; keeping Cockle in his job for an extended period.

Geralt actor has convinced us of his Witcher 4 theory.
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