Hogwarts Legacy fans must try this Steam fantasy RPG!

Hogwarts Legacy fans must try this Steam fantasy RPG!

Hogwarts Legacy fans must try this Steam fantasy RPG!


Hogwarts Legacy may have gone unsung at industry awards events, yet was undeniably one of the most commercially successful games of 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy was Google’s top search term of 2023 and for good reason: the game fulfilled years of anticipation among Harry Potter fans to explore Hogwarts castle more fully and explore its environs in its open world setting – unlike earlier installments which largely focused on caves and ruins as gameplay areas. Though imperfect (the open world could use more variety!), Hogwarts Legacy laid solid groundwork for future franchise entries like sequels or expansions (Wonderland wasn’t confirmed until later), though its sequel or expansion likely won’t arrive until after release (maybe Wonder Wandelier).

Wonder Wandelier may not rival Hogwarts Legacy on an epic scale, but this charming independent title does capture some of its cosy magic if you were an admirer of its Room of Requirement. Created by Mushroomallow and published under their label Mushroomallow Studios, Wonder Wandelier puts players into the role of an apprentice wandmaker trying to graduate school.

“Handle your store, gather materials and craft magic wands for sale to customers at fair prices while haggling to negotiate better offers in this immersive magic wand shop simulation RPG!” The demo build of this game can now be tried completely free on Steam; however devs note that certain features such as narrative will likely be missing from it.

Although full launch won’t happen until 2024, you should feel free to test out the demo now to gauge your reaction to its mechanics as an apprentice named Pucelle. Players will gather resources, manage their shop, study customer trends and seek hidden treasures while venturing out into unknown environments while engaging with wildlife (some friendly than others). It sounds truly delightful; I look forward to giving this game my full consideration when its official release comes around in 2024!

Hogwarts Legacy fans must try this Steam fantasy RPG!
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