PS3 has a whopping 2 million monthly active PS3 users

PS3 has a whopping 2 million monthly active PS3 users

PS3 has a whopping 2 million monthly active PS3 users


Even after 17 years, PlayStation 3 continues to draw in regular monthly users despite its age. No doubt this can be explained by how well its games have aged as well as people still using it as a Blu-ray player.

ComicBook reported this news resulting from the recent Insomniac Games hack, though we do not condone or publish details regarding forthcoming titles revealed during it. While we deplore such hacks and refuse to release information uncovered from them, this detail should still be celebrated: the PlayStation 3 was an iconic console and home to an abundance of beloved classic games; plus its release ushered in Blu-ray as the preferred format over HDDVD offered by Microsoft at that time.

According to data provided by Insomniac, as of February 2023 over 1.9 million players were still using PS3. While we don’t know exactly how this figure has grown since February, it remains an impressive number that deserves closer consideration.

Another key reason behind the PlayStation’s longevity may be its diverse game library. Due to lack of disc-based backward compatibility on PS4 and PS5, those who already possess an extensive collection will need their PS3 close at hand; even though Sony offers older titles through PlayStation Plus for purchase or streaming playback on newer systems – though selection may be limited and still requires payment for playback, which may prove frustrating if someone still holds onto their original disc copy!

Personally, I keep my PS3 hooked up to my TV just in case I want to dip back into older titles like Rock Band or Guitar Hero when guests come over. Second-hand stores carry many great games at extremely reasonable prices which provide an opportunity to experience titles you missed before or can no longer access on newer hardware.

PS3 has a whopping 2 million monthly active PS3 users
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