PlayStation Store Credit was even better than expected!
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PlayStation Store Credit was even better than expected!

PlayStation Store Credit was even better than expected!


As 2023 draws to an end, fans can agree on one thing PlayStation has managed to master: creating an innovative system for earning what amounts to free store credit.

PlayStation Plus has had an uninspiring year so far, with subscribers less than impressed with recent changes like cloud streaming and the Sony Pictures Core catalog; even some free game offers didn’t satisfy subscribers completely – yet PlayStation Stars stood out as a bright spot among an otherwise uneven year of service for subscribers.

PlayStation Stars is simply fantastic. By participating in certain games and making store purchases (such as using PlayStation Plus free games to buy items), points will accumulate that can then be redeemed either for store credit or free games etc.

Although 50 points might not seem like much, you’d be amazed how quickly they add up over time without even realising it! Just 1,250 points is needed for PS5 store credit or 5,000 for PS20 of store credit – earning this much money is like free money! Plus you earn these points while playing or purchasing games so it really becomes free money over time!

Fans on Reddit tend to agree that PlayStation Stars is much superior than expected when it first released.

“Initially I didn’t expect much out of PlayStation Stars; however, its implementation has far surpassed my expectations – especially given how they actually offer real PlayStation currency value!” wrote one user.

Another person shared: “This program is pretty cool; I take it as an added perk! Even getting $5 store credit every once in awhile can come in handy!”

There will be plenty of events held throughout 2024 where certain games and activities can earn extra points; gamers alike are always discovering innovative methods of harvesting points within PlayStation Stars! So be sure to register soon before all your fellow gamers discover a strategy they know works!

PlayStation Store Credit was even better than expected!
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