Battlefield V Update (May 23) Patch Notes for PS4, PC and Xbox One

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Battlefield V upgrade (May 23) patch notes is currently available for players on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The new patch provides a quality of lifestyle upgrade as well as modifications for the Firestorm map of Halvøy. Apart from that, the patch made some tweaks to the light on soldiers in areas to enhance visibility. Read full patch notes below.


Previously, there was a big update released with a very long list of gameplay changes and bug fixes. When attempting to play with the game, Regrettably, since the last update, many players are still experiencing numerous issues.

Battlefield V update (May 23) Patch Notes


  • Added the reloading icon which was missing when using the Churchill MK VII 95MM Howitzer specialization.

  • Fixed an issue which would cause players to fall slightly below the ground when going into the bleed out state after getting killed while in a plane.

  • Improved the turning rates for planes. Bombers should no longer be able to out-turn fighter planes.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause airplanes to not resupply under certain conditions.

  • Changed irreparable damage multiplier on rocket vs fighter from 1.8 to 0.18. This fixes the issue of rockets dealing a too high percentage of their damage as irreparable damage when damaging fighters. This change now brings rockets in line with other forms of damage, and players will be able to self-repair their fighter planes after getting hit by a rocket.

  • Fixed an issue that would randomly cause camera shakes and bumps when in a tank in first person view.

  • While in a vehicle the splash damage indicators that appear when damage is taken from anti- tank weapons now show the correct direction.

  • Passengers that exit your tank no longer block your shots while playing the entry/exit animation state.

  • New visual dust effects have been added when tanks fire their main cannons.

  • Fixed a bug that would enable the JU-88 A to automatically get resupplied without passing the resupply station.

  • Improved the animation when a player jumps out of the JU-88 A. The camera will now have smoother movement and less stutter when the exit animation plays.

Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations

  • Fixed an issue that was causing sight misalignment when using the Mint or Gold plated skins on the EMP.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the weapon model to not show in third person if the player switching between weapons and gadgets in a rapid succession.

  • Fixed an issue with the MAS 44 which would make the magazine invisible in third person view if a certain combination of skins was used.

Gadgets Tweaks

In this update, we are bringing new changes to the Health and Ammo crates with the goal to make these gadgets more interesting choices in defensive scenarios.

  • Crates now inherit from the soldier’s speed to increase the throw distance.

  • Crates throw speed is now affected by the pitch angle to enable higher throwing arcs.

  • Crates now attach to the terrain when landing to ensure that they always land upright.

Medic crates:

  • When selected, heals nearby friendlies in a 2m radius from the crate. This effect is interrupted for 2 seconds while taking damage and for 1.5 seconds while being suppressed.

  • When deployed, heals nearby friendlies in a 2m radius from the crate. This effect is

  • interrupted for 2 seconds while taking damage and for 1.5 seconds while being suppressed.

  • When equipped in a gadget slot, friendly players can interact with friendly Medics to get health.


Ammo crates:

  • When equipped in a gadget slot, friendly players can interact with friendly Supports to take ammo.

  • Please consider these changes as a first iteration as we monitor and get your feedback. We will be looking at doing further changes as needed in the near future.

Weapon Tweaks

P08 Carbine:

  • Improved firing animation with iron sights to be less distracting.

  • Reduced recoil and sped up recoil decrease.

  • Can no longer be used while swimming.

Commando Carbine:

  • We found the Commando Carbine was a bit lacking at medium range already, due to low damage and slow projectiles making landing shots hard.

  • Increased two hit kill range to 50 m (was 30 m).

  • Increased distance at which one head and one body shot are lethal to 75 m (was 50 m).

  • Increased muzzle velocity to 350 m/s (was 300 m/s) and 400 m/s (was 330 m/s) when using High Velocity Bullets.

  • Decreased suppression per bullet, which was overly high.

M28 con Tromboncino:

  • Decreased suppression per bullet, which was overly high.

  • Fixed grenade launcher dealing incorrect amounts of damage. LS/26:

  • Added resumable empty reload.

  • Slightly reduced the efficacy of the Ported Barrel specialization.

  • Tweaked the recoil pattern to make the weapon easier to use.

Assault Rifles and SMGs:

  • Improved accuracy in aimed sustained fire from the second shot.


  • Improved accuracy in unaimed sustained fire from the second shot for all sidearms except the Mk VI Revolver. This means follow-up shots in hip fire will be much more accurate than before.

Mk VI Revolver:

  • Increased deploy time to 0.7 s (was 0.65 s) and 0.65 s (was 0.6 s) when using Slings and Swivels. This means switching to the revolver takes longer, leaving it at a bigger disadvantage to the pistols when you need to switch to your sidearm fast.



  • Improvements to the lighting on soldiers, this is a shader that makes third person soldiers a bit more visible when in dark areas. This change is only applied to Multiplayer and Firestorm. If you would like to learn about this in more detail, please read this article.

Manual Leaning

Leaning is a feature that already exists in Battlefield V using the auto-leaning system. With this update, we are introducing manual leaning which allows players to have more control over leaning and use this feature in more cases than what the auto-leaning systems allows.

• Manual leaning is only available when aiming down sight.

• Moving while leaning is 50% slower.

• It is not possible to use a bipod while manual leaning.

• Players can decide if leaning should be a toggle or a hold (OPTIONS / CONTROLS)..

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