Fortnite v12.11: What To Expect


Have a peek at what to anticipate within another Fortnite content upgrade, v12.11.

We Have not heard an statement at the time of writing, however, it is reasonable to suppose that we will find a Fortnite content upgrade March 10, on Tuesday.

v12.20 Will be held before next week. We watched fourteen days’ worth of challenges leaked from the v12.10 patch, so there likely will not be downtime before next Tuesday.

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Assuming that there’ll be a content upgrade tomorrow — no or statement — let us take a peek.
Bug Fixes


Bug fixes are the in almost any Fortnite upgrade. The majority of the bugs have been recorded as’Investigating’ about the Fortnite Community Issues Trello plank, so that there may not be a slew of developments this week.

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The Bugs that were following are recorded in Next Game Update’ on the plank as’ Fixed, So we can visit them addressed. There’s a chance that they Do not get fixed till v12.20, nevertheless.

  • Struggling to put trap if snare icon has not finished loading.
  • Struggling to restart Auto-Sprint on PlayStation 4.
  • Rails on the Yacht Prefab are displaced if setting the Prefab (Creative)
  • Vault Banner is missing out of locker
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