Massive Fantasy Sandbox in New Open-World RPG

Massive Fantasy Sandbox in New Open-World RPG

Massive Fantasy Sandbox in New Open-World RPG

Massive Fantasy Sandbox in New Open-World RPG


A fantasy RPG is something we all love, don’t you? While the most popular games are about guns, grenades and war glory, many people also long to master magic and wield swords. A god might give you a flaming spear, not an AK-47. That’s new. The gameplay trailer for Mortal Online2 is another promising project that promises to deliver exactly this kind of experience.

Mortal Online II looks amazing, as reported by Dark Side of Gaming. We are already impressed by the open-world’s beauty, and we have a new gameplay trailer. The website has this description: Mortal Online is a next-generation, first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting. Mortal Online2 is a game where players are constantly in danger.

There are no safe zones or PvP areas, just an open world where you can choose your path. Real-time combat is possible where the outcome of battles is determined by skill, not levels or gear.

Star Vault AB, the developer of the game, describes it as having hardcore elements. This means that experienced Mortal Online players will play the game and will also fit in with other MMO players. What about those who may be interested in trying it? Haven, a dedicated island for beginners, teaches you the basics. Here you can stay as long as necessary before going on to the real adventure.

Mortal Online2 will feature deep crafting and trading systems and a variety of weapons, armours, potions and more. For the sake of realism, you will also need to gain trust from people you meet. This sounds intense, but it’s also incredibly exciting. This is the perfect game for people who want to get into the games.

The game will be available for $39 upon release. After a month, you will need to subscribe to the service. The game is available for pre-order now. However, Mortal Online2 is currently live, and you can look at it before the January 2022 release.

Massive Fantasy Sandbox in New Open-World RPG
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