A major Xbox exclusive will soon arrive on PS5.
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A major Xbox exclusive will soon arrive on PS5.

A major Xbox exclusive will soon arrive on PS5.


Modern gaming makes it hard for most games to remain truly exclusive to one platform; more often than not they migrate across platforms over time.

One such title is Scorn – an immersive first-person horror game created and published by Ebb Software and Kepler Interactive for Xbox console exclusive release in 2022 with visuals inspired by H. R. Giger’s artwork.

Horror fans were excited when Scorn developer Crytek teased a potential PlayStation 5 release earlier this year through its official Twitter account; eager for this once Xbox console exclusive game’s arrival onto PS5. Well, now official confirmation has come that Scorn will indeed arrive later in 2019.

Scorn’s arrival to PlayStation 5 was announced not only via Twitter but also with details being unveiled via PS Blog.

Scorn will offer similar experiences on both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, yet taking full advantage of DualSense controller’s special capabilities will provide for an entirely unique PlayStation 5 version of Scorn experience.

“All weapons and tools have their own distinct yet subtle sense of weight,” according to PS Blog post. For instance, piston-like melee tools often used as part of contraptions or for self-defence have specific trigger resistances that when coupled with haptics enhance desired effects and create desired experiences for users.

Furthermore, DualSense controller light bars will display player health by changing colors based on situational awareness, helping gamers know quickly if they’re near death at a glance. Furthermore, according to PlayStation Blog post claims of DualSense features for PlayStation 5, we created something “extra special.”

Maximum Games is offering an exclusive physical edition for PS5 which contains both the game itself, steelbook case, digital soundtrack and artbook.

Scorn achieves something all horror games should aim to accomplish, though its quality doesn’t quite meet up to those in its genre’s upper echelon. That being said, those looking for atmospheric horror with H. R. Giger-inspired aesthetics won’t want to miss this one, provided you possess emotional fortitude to cope.

Scorn is now available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, including Xbox Game Pass. A set release date for PlayStation 5 hasn’t been determined as of yet but should arrive sometime between 2023-2024.

A major Xbox exclusive will soon arrive on PS5.
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