Fallout: London was delayed because of Starfield.

Fallout: London was delayed because of Starfield.

Fallout: London was delayed because of Starfield.


Fallout: London is no ordinary mod; in fact, it stands as one of the more ambitious fan projects I’ve encountered. Unsurprisingly located in London itself, this unofficial DLC expansion will serve as an expansion pack to Fallout 4.

Bethesda took notice of Fallout: London when one of its creators, Dean “Prilladog” Carter was offered a developer job on Fallout 76 by Bethesda last year but turned it down instead to continue working on Fallout: London expansion expansion instead. At that time, their team commented “it should be noted that many use large scale mod projects like these as CV padding or an entry way into industry – however some like Dean do it simply to support community, team and you – it takes immense courage and selflessness – so this deserves appreciation from us all!”

Ryan “Ropiequet” Johnson recently accepted a job offer with Bethesda as an associate level designer; however, his departure has had no bearing on Fallout: London development or its release timeline; although Starfield may cause temporary delays.

Fallout: London was initially scheduled for release during Quarter 3 2023 (ie July to September), however as reported by DSOGaming it has now been announced it will now release in Q4 instead (October to December). Starfield will likely hold Bethesda fans’ interest until its own launch (six September in this instance), so this appears like an intelligent decision from Fallout: London team.

Fallout: London is compatible with Fallout 4, providing an extension of the base game experience with new factions, storylines, NPCs, weapons and creatures – with hopes it is well worth your wait!

Fallout: London was delayed because of Starfield.
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