Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its players! That's terrifyingly significant.

Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its players! That’s terrifyingly significant.

Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its players! That’s terrifyingly significant.

Halo Infinite has experienced an approximate 98% playerbase reduction since launch on Steam despite multiple post-launch content updates.

After its faltering launch in November 2021, Halo Infinite multiplayer has continued to struggle despite several updates over recent months. One major factor contributing to player frustration with Halo Infinite was an overall lack of content including multiplayer modes, career advancement and customisation options that are locked behind paywalls.

Mismanagement has left many fans believing Xbox unwittingly set this series up for failure and that it no longer represents one of its flagship franchises as originally advertised.

Although an effort had been made to rejuvenate Halo 4, its most recent installment has miserably failed at maintaining player interest; with an alarming 98% drop in active users on Steam being what appears to be its final blow.

Reddit thread highlighting multiplayer shooter Steam statistics was posted, showing an obvious decline in players since launch; its steadily decreasing numbers even with updates intended to address issues found within it.

Fans of Halo shared their opinions on its loss; many weren’t shocked, noting the game’s focus on monetisation and long wait-times between updates as its primary drawbacks.

“Multiplayer was initially enjoyable, but its extreme monetization rendered progress meaningless. Campaign levels did not feel tight like in previous entries in this series and overall I couldn’t see myself coming back despite having long been an admirer.”

“This issue stems from 343’s excessive focus on customization and lack of multiplayer maps, both which I feel have contributed significantly.”

“Halo Infinites singleplayer remains far above most other recent Halo offerings; imo it remains the best since Halo 3.”

Although most of the post-launch content has been enjoyable – such as Infection mode, military rank progression and unique customisation options – many players remain dissatisfied, believing they were sold an incomplete product at launch for previous Halo titles – who can blame them?

Halo may never again become the massive console-selling success it once was, but that hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from remembering and celebrating some of its finest titles through modern day LAN parties or special event celebrations.

Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its players! That’s terrifyingly significant.
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