Steam now features four new free games to download now, making them immediately accessible for playback and enjoyment.


Steam truly is an endless source of games if you use PC, with thousands of free-to-play titles added daily and something for every taste imaginable – so take advantage of its offerings while it lasts!

Today alone saw 15 free-to-play titles arrive on Steam – and of course we are here to show them to you! There’s an adorable new cozy sim called Temtem Showdown which may just be Steam’s answer to Animal Crossing; and another game known as Neonscape may well become Steam’s answer to Animal Crossing; these come alongside our list of 34 other titles including Neonscape, Shire Scopes Scholar’s Mate First Move and Bongus Bright-eye & The Great Axe-stravaganza titles…and so much more! We’re so impressed that so many gems arrived this past Tuesday that even we put up this special post just so I could showcase all our freebies for yourself; let me introduce all! What an impressive lineup.

Kaitec Games’ Neonscape puts players into the role of Onyx, master of the Black Lotus. You will navigate compact battlegrounds, unleash spatial manipulation techniques and showcase unmatched agility as waves of enemies keep coming your way. Reviews score it highly with one critic noting “Gameplay is very engaging! Movement is very fluid (better than most AAA titles i’ve played previously),” while another raved: “Installed the game to kill some time before lunch break but found myself late for work & nearly got yelled at.” High praise indeed!


LadderMane Games’ Shire Scopes is an arena shooter set in medieval castle, boasting a colourful visual style similar to Breath of the Wild (but much simpler) where players utilize weapons such as sniper-muskets and swords in order to reach the top of leaderboard rankings.

Scholar’s Mate – First Move by JanduSoft provides an engaging first-person horror experience set within a psychiatric hospital and players must use their wits to escape this “sinister place”. Having earned an 82% score among reviewers who’ve played, Scholar’s Mate lasts just under an hour per player – perfect if your backlog has become dauntingly large!

Bongus Bright-eye & The Great Axe-stravaganza by OMF Productions is an unforgettable journey through point and click adventure games that pays a loving homage. Boasting exquisite art style and challenging combat systems, players will help Bongus Bright-eye on his mission to save the Dwarven Kingdom.

Steam now features four new free games to download now, making them immediately accessible for playback and enjoyment.
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