EA announceds its Black Panther single-player game.
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EA announceds its Black Panther single-player game.

EA announceds its Black Panther single-player game.


“From out of nowhere” comes word that an EA studio has announced their intent to develop a single-player Black Panther action-adventure game – wait – what?

As revealed on Marvel.com’s official press release, this title is currently under development at Cliffhanger Games of Seattle led by Kevin Stephens (formerly Monolith Productions). Their goal is to craft “an expansive and reactive world” where players can run around as Black Panther while working closely with Marvel Games to ensure every element receives “attention to detail and authenticity as befits Black Panther’s world”.

Though details about the game itself remain scarce at present, its studio appears promising. Notably among their staff are industry veterans who were involved with developing God of War and Call of Duty titles.

“Our aim is to deliver fans an immersive, authentic Black Panther experience in videogame form – providing more control and agency to players over their narrative than has ever been offered by traditional story-driven games,” according to Stephens in a statement. Wakanda provides us an expansive Super Hero playground – it is our aim to craft it into an epic experience for fans who desire it.”

Be clear: this game differs entirely from the untitled Captain America and Black Panther title confirmed at Skydance New Media last year, offering twice the amount of Black Panther action!

Stephens shared, “This opportunity to build a team centered around diversity, collaboration and empowerment is truly exceptional. With our game we want players to experience what it’s like being worthy of wearing the Black Panther mantle in unique, narrative-driven ways and we aim to empower all team members as we bring this amazing world alive together.”

As yet, no release window for Black Panther: Rebirth has been set – stay tuned.

EA announceds its Black Panther single-player game.
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