Pokemon Gold & Silver's post-game in Kanto will never be outdone.

Pokemon Gold & Silver’s post-game in Kanto will never be outdone.

Pokemon Gold & Silver’s post-game in Kanto will never be outdone.


As a life-long Pokemon enthusiast, I wholeheartedly believe there’s something great to enjoy in every main series game – I have written many opinions articles to prove this point here on this very website – although Diamond, Pearl and Platinum remain my personal favourites overall.

No matter which Pokemon game is your favourite, all fans can agree that the post-game content found in Johto titles (Gold, Silver and Crystal along with HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes) remains unparalleled in gaming history. Fans fondly recall when first entering Kanto region after collecting all eight Johto badges: that incredible feeling when discovering an entire region filled with gym leaders waiting to challenge you… that moment represents true peak gaming!

On Reddit, people have been discussing games with “brilliant” post-game experiences; unsurprisingly, Pokemon fans cite Gold and Silver as prime examples.

Crocodile_Banger offers as an example: Pokemon Gold and Silver allow users to essentially recreate the first generation in an entirely different region after finishing its main storyline, in essence “replay[ing]” Red and Blue by returning back to Kanto for eight badges, battle with Elite Four members and facing their protag. “Best postgame. An additional game!” BoisterousLaugh added in response.

At present, Johto remains one of only the main-series Pokemon titles which allow players to explore more than one region at once. Over time, fans have wondered whether such an experience might ever return (I was particularly hoping Kalos DLC in Scarlet and Violet would revive this concept), however Johto stands as its own special event and even if we ever get another double region bonanza game in future, many fans likely will fondly remember Gold and Silver as something truly memorable.

Pokemon Gold & Silver’s post-game in Kanto will never be outdone.
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