Hogwarts Legacy spinoff launched to great fan acclaim.

Hogwarts Legacy spinoff launched to great fan acclaim.

Hogwarts Legacy spinoff launched to great fan acclaim.


No matter the longevity of a game or series, dedicated fans always seem to find new ways to add life back into our favorite IPs.

Hogwarts Legacy is one such game where a dedicated fan has taken to documenting Ominis Gaunt’s antics into its own web series on TikTok. Ominous Gaunt, one of Hogwarts Legacy’s popular NPCs and an NPC descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself is not keen on using Dark Arts nor harbor any hatred towards Muggles like other members of Slytherin house do – yet his antics remain highly publicised through TikTok web series!

Ominis Gaunt was born blind, so instead uses his magic wand to explore his world. Furthermore, Sebastian Sallow, another popular NPC is his close ally and close friend.

TikToker Heizerux, is responsible for creating this fantastic web series. His videos not only capture Ominis Gaunt’s charismatic charm, but also contain lots of amusing anecdotes as well as unexpectedly humorous humor – from random student gossiping sessions to house elves having private rave parties in tubs!

Are You Wondering Why Ominis Gaunt Appears More Chatty in Hogwarts Legacy? Heizerux explained on Reddit that Ominis Gaunt’s voice in Hogwarts Legacy Was Generated Automatically (AI).

If you love Hogwarts Legacy or Harry Potter in general, we highly suggest watching Heizerux’s videos on TikTok or YouTube! His spellbinding videos capture Ominis Gaunt with perfect animation!

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the only fan-made adaptation adapted by fans; Red Dead Redemption 2 also enjoys its own YouTube TV show adaptation. Hogwarts Legacy players now feel disillusioned after its initial hype subsided; some believe its missing RPG features make the game ultimately feel empty to some players.

Hogwarts Legacy has officially arrived for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Due to delays caused by multi-player issues on Nintendo Switch, patient fans will have to wait longer in order to explore Hogwarts on-the-go.

Hogwarts Legacy spinoff launched to great fan acclaim.
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