Steam's most-beloved free game just received an exciting update!

Steam’s most-beloved free game just received an exciting update!

Steam’s most-beloved free game just received an exciting update!


Team Fortress 2 was initially released for free download 16 years ago and recently saw its most comprehensive update to date.

Team Fortress 2 has become one of the world’s favorite video game shooters and perhaps Valve’s crown jewel in terms of player loyalty. Offering nine classes – each one unique in personality and ability – players compete as part of either red or blue teams in deathmatch and objective-based modes to ‘win the day.

Steam’s PC version of this game remains immensely popular after years, boasting an ever-present playerbase. Recently, however, an exciting update caused an increase in active users for this title.

The Summer 2023 update is a free download that automatically installs when you launch the game, adding plenty of content players haven’t seen since Valve departed from their games years earlier.

New additions include 14 community maps, 25 cosmetic items contributed by members of the community and six taunts for taunting players with Unusual effects created during Summer 2023 as part of an event lasting until 15 September. All this can be found within one convenient War Paint Case case! All these initiatives form part of Summer event which continues up until 15th September.

As can be seen from this list, all new content was produced by dedicated community members; we owe Valve nothing for this update but integration them into the game.

Numerous bug fixes and patches were also implemented to address commonly reported issues related to general security and stability concerns as well as any graphic glitches that might arise.

Team Fortress 2 can be played for free on Steam or purchased as part of an Orange Box/Valve Complete Pack bundle that contains additional Valve games like Portal and Half-Life.

Steam’s most-beloved free game just received an exciting update!
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