The original Assassin's Creed remains an unforgettable experience today.

The original Assassin’s Creed remains an unforgettable experience today.

The original Assassin’s Creed remains an unforgettable experience today.


From time to time, our minds may lead us astray when viewing past video game experiences through rose-coloured glasses; making us believe they were better than they truly were.

Fair is fair – everything should be judged relative to its time period and platform of release, such as 2007’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3. While not perfect by today’s standards, this game was still incredibly entertaining at its time and looked amazing for 2007. Unfortunately when compared with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End released two years later on PS4, comparison becomes unfair and difficult.

Additionally, Assassin’s Creed released in 2007 was also an incredible game that would form the cornerstone for future sequels – similar to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in that respect – providing gamers with hours of enjoyable fun for years.

How are Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted holding up today? Uncharted still holds up well – especially the version included with The Nathan Drake Collection which supports full HD resolution with quality-of-life updates.

Unfortunately, OG Assassin’s Creed still has not received its long-overdue remake and so we must experience it in its original state – be that better or worse. Recently I played it to take a trip down memory lane; and was quite satisfied to discover it still held up as being enjoyable (though my mind definitely recalls more fondly than reality would).

Reddit user Weedlereed uploaded an impressive parkouring clip, showcasing that the original game still offers some impressive parkour skills – though I assume some practice had to go into producing this footage prior to posting it online.

Redditors on Reddit had high praise for the original AC game which kicked off this franchise, Dream_Eat3r_ recounted his unforgettable experience playing this in 2008. Free running in AC1 can be amazing once players become used to its controls according to A_Swizzzz; vaulting over objects while being pursued by numerous enemies is satisfyingly fun, making parkour faster pace while giving more freedom of choice.”

Related news is the possibility that the release date for Assassin’s Creed Red set in Feudal Japan might come sooner than we think, potentially concluding the series as we know it.

On 12 October 2023, PC, PlayStation and Xbox users can expect the release of Assassin’s Creed Mirage: an adaptation from 2007 version.

The original Assassin’s Creed remains an unforgettable experience today.
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