Deathloop 2 - Everything to Consider

Deathloop 2 – Everything to Consider

Deathloop 2 – Everything to Consider


Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop showed how effectively their signature Dishonored gameplay works when coupled with time loop elements, creating an enjoyable time-loop game experience that was well received worldwide. Players enjoyed its balance of action, stealth, and puzzle elements which resulted in widespread engagement – leading many to speculate whether Arkane Lyon will deliver another iteration with Deathloop 2. Given this success it seems likely they may create Deathloop 2!

Given the conclusion of Deathloop 1, it’s fascinating to imagine how Arkane Lyon will handle Colt and Julianna’s reappearance if Deathloop 2 ever materialises. Will Arkane create Deathloop as a prequel or go in another direction with new characters altogether? Stay with us as we cover everything about Deathloop 2.

When is Deathloop 2 Arriving?

Unfortunately, no definitive release date or confirmation from Arkane or Bethesda of Deathloop 2 exist at present – although past leaks could point towards its development or sequel status.

Jason Kelley (the voice actor for Colt), recently mentioned on a YouTube livestream that Arkane Studios may still hire them under codenames; suggesting both him and Ozioma Akagha (voice actress of Julianna) might still be contracted with Arkane Studios and working together under cover names on projects currently.

Kelley previously posted an image with the tweeting title, “Oooooooooo! Cannot wait to share what this one is. #backinthelab #voiceacting #games #vo #deathloop #coltjustcolt #baftagames” which shows him in a recording studio; his hashtags might suggest new Deathloop content or new title recordings being recorded as Kelley was bound by NDAs so could only comment further by saying something vague like: recording “a new title”, so only time will reveal whether Kelley told fans what truth or misdirected them with misinformation to avoid spoiling anything about forthcoming titles!

What Does Deathloop 2 Encompass?

Deathloop 2 remains unclear at this stage due to no news about its development, however Arkane Lyon could choose from any one of three canon endings from the original game and then develop his or her plot accordingly. Additionally, new characters could experience anomaly-causing phenomena to avoid conflicts with previous installments of Deathloop.

Another possibility would be a Deathloop and Dishonored crossover as both games take place within the same universe.

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What Platforms Might Deathloop 2 Be Available On? mes Deathloop 2 may only be available for PC and Xbox as Microsoft acquired ZeniMax for $7.5 billion cash back in September 20/20; with Arkane Studios and Bethesda now under ZeniMax’s ownership, future releases from these studios may likely become Xbox-exclusives – including Deathloop 2.

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Who Could Develop Deathloop 2? Should Deathloop 2 ever get created, Arkane Studios-specifically Arkane Lyon-will take charge. Arkane Studios operates two branches; Lyon handles Deathloop while Austin produces different titles like Prey or Redfall.

Deathloop 2 – Everything to Consider
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