Los Santos is praised as the best city in GTA by its fans

Los Santos is praised as the best city in GTA by its fans

Los Santos is praised as the best city in GTA by its fans


The Grand Theft auto series has become one of the biggest brands in entertainment. It is not only popular among video game players, but also across all media, from movies to TV.

The Grand Theft Auto began in 1997, on both the PlayStation as well as the PC. It was all about committing crime and having fun, but it wasn’t as good in terms of visuals, gameplay, and depth.

GTA III was released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2 and later was brought to other platforms. GTA III was a game changer. Many tried to recreate the GTA feel in the following years, but none could capture the Rockstar Games experience.

Grand Theft Auto has been inspired by many real cities over the years. GTA III, IV’s Liberty City and Miami were all inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series. Vice City is based on Miami. San Andreas, and Los Santos are modeled after Los Angeles, the “City of Angels”.

Ask any GTA enthusiast what city they like best in the series, and you’ll get many different answers. Vice City or today’s discussion topic, Los Santos, would be my personal choice, but it depends on how I feel.

Trevor_58 asked “Which GTA City do you consider the best of all?”

TheLORDthyGOD420 replied, “When I drive around Los Angeles and see how accurately Los Santos represents Los Angeles,” he said. Not only the landmarks, but also random buildings that you recognise and look them up at a later date. This is an apartment from GTA 5 . !”

Nitrothacat, a fellow Redditor, recalled his own LA experience and the proximity of Los Santos. I was just on the pier two week ago. Mountains to the north of the coast, homes against the beach and beaches. “I felt like I was playing the game” they said.

Things can always change in any Reddit conversation. As of the writing date, this comment had received 223 votes. A new leader, with 295 votes has joined the GTA IV Liberty City conversion.

” GTA IV Liberty City’s . NJ_Bus_Nut explained that it was not because I am biased because I live near New York, but rather because the city is alive and dynamic. As a New Yorker I find the game so accurate it is scary. There are Jamaicans gangs and Puerto Ricans gangs all over the city, as well as the Mafias of Jersey. “Hella accurate,” said ayoitsthatman187.


Rockstar Games: Please give us the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer as well as a release date.

Los Santos is praised as the best city in GTA by its fans
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