Do Footprints Count as Fingerprints in Phasmophobia?

Do Footprints Count as Fingerprints in Phasmophobia?

Do Footprints Count as Fingerprints in Phasmophobia?


Phasmophobia’s multitude of spirits and demons haunting buildings and camps you visit is paralyzingly terrifying; many leave evidence behind such as fingerprints. You may also come across footprints; are these qualifie as evidence that can be recorded in your diary?

Footprints may be discovered through various means. A UV Flashlight or Glowstick, both emitting ultraviolet light capable of illuminating any leftover ectoplasm residue left by various Phasmophobia entities, is generally sufficient to reveal footprints as evidence against Phasmophobia entities. Unfortunately, footprints don’t qualify as fingerprint evidence and more often appear as tasks for extra cash rewards rather than helping your investigation in its entirety.

Footprints usually manifest only on the floor but can sometimes also appear within any salt you sprinkle to track a ghost, while fingerprints tend to show up on doors, windows and light switches.

These ghosts may leave behind evidence such as Footprints and Fingerprints:

  • Phantom
  • Banshee
  • Jinn
  • Poltergeist
  • Demon
  • Hantu
  • Goryo
  • Myling
  • Obake
  • The Mimic

Just don’t forget: if you find footprints or fingerprints within the salt you have strategically scattered, make sure you photograph it! At the conclusion of your investigation you will receive a small cash bonus for providing such photographic evidence.

Now, however, with its forthcoming update Phasmophobia will support crossplay across platforms; so now would be an opportune time to become acquainted again with voice commands you can use to interact with ghosts.

Phasmophobia’s imminent Progression Update will make crossplay possible across platforms. Therefore, now is an opportune time to brush up on voice commands to effectively interact with spectral beings.

Do Footprints Count as Fingerprints in Phasmophobia?
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