Remainder 2 Ford Chest Codes in Ward 13

Remainder 2 Ford Chest Codes in Ward 13

Remainder 2 Ford Chest Codes in Ward 13


Have you explored Ward 13 during any playthrough of Remnant 2 and noticed Ford’s office with its locked chest, wondering what rewards await after entering in four-digit code to unlock it. If this sounds familiar then maybe its time for some exploration in Ward 13.
As soon as it dawns on you, this puzzle may throw you for a loop; its design ensures that no matter where you turn for answers, they remain just under your nose!

Ford’s office can be found on the upper-floor area where you typically upgrade and craft new gear, marked on your map by a purple star. Here is where your chest awaits!

To unlock Ford’s chest in Ward 13, use your flashlight given during Remnant 2’s opening segment and inspect/rotate/update your inventory; at its base you should see an inscribed code “0415”, this combination unlocking Ford’s chest can then be applied as needed.

By doing this, you will gain the Cargo Control Key quest item that appears ordinary at first. However, once in the dockyard past its metal gates you must navigate with care to gain entry through an entrance for use with Cargo Control Key at storage room containing MP60-R submachine gun.

And that is all there is to it when it comes to unlocking Ford’s chest code in Ward 13. With regards to Remnant 2, take note of its ability to change difficulty settings as well as whether or not it launches with GeForce Now support.

Remainder 2 Ford Chest Codes in Ward 13
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