Fallout 5’s terrain system could drastically change in-game factions.

Fallout 5’s terrain system could drastically change in-game factions.


Though Fallout 5 might still be months away from release, fans remain equally excited for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG.

Fallout 5 is on its way, given Bethesda’s success with The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout’s own popularity among fans of Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls VI announced five years ago in 2018. We don’t yet have an understanding of when or if Fallout will arrive; maybe Bethesda should help out!

With no information available about Fallout 5, fans have yet to settle on what features they’d like to see added into Bethesda’s title – specifically Reddit discussion where some fans suggest an innovative territory system could make the game truly revolutionary.

“Fallout 5 should feature a territory system wherein factions gain territory both directly and through player interaction,” stated Ironmansbodygaurd in opening up discussion of this thread. To elaborate further: when playing Fallout 5, an initial setup may include multiple factions with territorial ownership on the map that may engage in territory quests called battle quests at each chapter ending; once won, these battles grant that faction more territory.”

“Depending on which factions control settlements, settlements exhibit different behaviors – for instance I will donate food and water,” they stated. When the epilogue (post main quest) occurs territory will be attacked by remnants from various factions or multiple factions and should they succeed, new radiant quest lines will begin; to make all this work we require an even larger map than Fallout 76 to make all this come together successfully – I assume Bethesda plans on keeping their maps this large from Starfield through to TESVI/Fallout 5 going forward – what are your thoughts??

“Like GTA San Andreas or Saints Row territory systems?” suggested Hopalongtom. Hopalongtom agreed, saying they want “complete control to go bad– I want cults, raiders or whatever.” This same response from anotherFreakingNerd: I want the option to switch between going super bad or super good; similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 but more impactful.”

“This reminds me of Skyrim’s Civil War where players must capture forts to gain regions – I hope if implemented into Fallout it would work better!” said Spyro390 in her analysis.

Starfield now features an equally terrifying alien creature to match Fallout’s menacing Deathclaws; plus there has been a new look at Amazon’s forthcoming Fallout series!

Given Microsoft owning Bethesda, Fallout 5 will most likely only ever release on an Xbox Series X|S console and won’t make its way over to PS5.

Fallout 5’s terrain system could drastically change in-game factions.
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