GTA 6 nightclub footage has surfaced online.

GTA 6 nightclub footage has surfaced online.

GTA 6 nightclub footage has surfaced online.


Leaked footage from Grand Theft Auto VI has made its way online, giving us our first look at one of its nightclubs.

Rockstar Games finally gave us another glimpse at Grand Theft Auto VI today; though not quite what was promised as grand reveal. Still, this preview serves its purpose for now.

Twitter user RockstarGTAVl shared leaked footage, seemingly from the main story mode, showing his character moving around an active nightclub while listening in on various NPC conversations.

Graphically, it doesn’t impress us much–similar to Grand Theft Auto V–but this may just be footage from an incomplete build and will look different/better when released as part of its final form.

At first glance, what caught our attention were the NPCs; some roaming about in clubs while engaging in dialogue; although these interactions could potentially be scripted into the main plotline or just natural interactions in an open world environment. Given how expansive such environments might be, having NPCs with distinct purpose who interact will add both realism and make exploring much more thrilling!

But fans had mixed reactions to the footage; some of whom were thrilled with what they saw while others found its graphics lacking fidelity.

” I can’t wait for this”

“Wow a nightclub! Haven’t seen one like it since GTA V! Looks just like V but even worse!”

“Looks similar to V…!”

Rockstar Games still has yet to give us any indication as to when we might see an official reveal or release date for its game; though its publisher Take-Two Interactive recently teased 2025.

But with that long wait comes more leaks of information and speculation on insider claims and more speculation by media and insiders alike. Hopefully there’ll be enough surprises and leaks of leaked info to pass the time as well as speculation and other forms of entertainment to pass up until then!

GTA 6 nightclub footage has surfaced online.
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