Red Dead Redemption's ridiculous PS4 port price is "commercially accurate", claims CEO.

Red Dead Redemption’s ridiculous PS4 port price is “commercially accurate”, claims CEO.


Red Dead Redemption’s ridiculous PS4 port price is “commercially accurate”, claims CEO.


Thirteen years have gone by since our introduction to John Marston; yet it seems as though only yesterday when we first spoke about him! With news regarding Red Dead Redemption port price creating considerable buzz online.

Current pricing of the PlayStation Vita version of it is just $10 less than when originally released in 2010. Furthermore, Xbox backward compatible versions offer significant cost savings.

At $49.99, this seems like an exorbitant price point for an aged game; yet according to an interview with IGN’s CEO of Take-Two Interactive, who thinks otherwise.

“That is our estimate of an appropriate, commercial price for it,” CEO Strauss Zelnick stated in response. Zelnick went on to describe Undead Nightmare being included as one of the port titles, noting it “was already an outstanding standalone title when released, making this bundle offer great value to consumers”.


Though technically this is a bundle, when taken together with Red Dead Redemption’s longstanding presence on Xbox Series it seems unfair. Furthermore, its new port won’t offer multiplayer or be accessible from PC–making it appear an insufficient offering to many fans of Red Dead Remake.

Zelnick remains noncommittal on whether PC ports and/or full remasters might ever materialise, offering instead vague answers like, ‘it depends on what creative teams envision for it.” before expanding his responses into how “it really depends on each title in terms of how label feels about it, platform availability and what opportunities there might be for consumers”.

Remaster speculation has long been a source of contention among gamers, leading them to start review bombing the game as it prepares to come out next week on 17 August 2023.

Attractively upset fans have strongly advised gamers against the RDR port announcement trailer with 110K dislikes; and to add insult to injury for many fans a fan-made remake screenshot has left us all with the disillusionment that could have been had Rockstar Games taken a different course.

Until the port officially releases and sales stats come pouring in, it remains uncertain as to how well its “commercially accurate” priced game will fare – although fans likely wouldn’t pay that amount when there are other methods available for accessing Xbox.

Red Dead Redemption will become available for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on August 17th 2023.

Red Dead Redemption’s ridiculous PS4 port price is “commercially accurate”, claims CEO.
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