Where to Find Confiscation Warehouse in Mirage

Where to Find Confiscation Warehouse in Mirage


As the sharpest blade boy in Baghdad, Assassin’s Creed Mirage challenges you to locate places that might not immediately seem obvious, such as during the Coin, Corruption & Tea investigation in Karkh, where Kong needs his Confiscation Warehouse located.

Although a merchant could show you exactly where it is on your map by accepting your Favor token as payment, sometimes these tokens don’t make an ideal souvenir if they can be kept for another occasion or you forget them at home! Don’t worry, though; we have got you covered: our app simplifies life.

Confiscation Warehouse can be found to the east of Karkh near a gate and clusters of cranes, as mentioned by its quest description, near where there’s an entry gate with two cranes inside it and near a wilderness area – here it is on a map; if still finding trouble trying to place it then press up on D-pad for Enkidu help; follow yellow circle marker until Confiscation Warehouse marker appears on the map.

Confiscation Warehouse can be seen as something of a fortress–you should find several methods of entry stealthily; we found one such technique best: climbing onto ramparts at the back and entering buildings after taking down guards with throwing knives. Once inside, expect to come across ten or so soldiers as you search for information; use tall grass, explosives, and even hay carts to distract and kill off soldiers quickly and safely.

Where to Find Confiscation Warehouse in Mirage
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