GTA 6 enthusiasts are already talking about GTA 7

GTA 6 enthusiasts are already talking about GTA 7

GTA 6 enthusiasts are already talking about GTA 7

The announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI has yet to be observed. However, that isn’t stopping gamers who play Rockstar Games from chatting about what is to come.

Rockstar Games first announced that they would develop GTA VI at the beginning of February 2022. Unfortunately, there have been no specifics to discuss ever since then, which is why we’ve been forced to live with speculation and leaks.

Look at the GTA VI (not VII) News round-up video!

Many fans are concerned that the release date for GTA VI could be so far from the present that it’s possible that we won’t only end up dying before the time comes but also end up in the Apocalypse (of some sort). We hope that this doesn’t happen in one of these scenarios. However, the question has to be raised: what date do we expect Grand Theft Auto VI to launch?

We’re no longer sure. But, it’s been reported recently there is a possibility Rockstar Games will make a significant announcement in the coming month. If that happens is still to be determined; however, we would not recommend putting the hope that it could be that you pass away before you have the chance to enjoy GTA VI.

But that doesn’t stop gamers from discussing GTA VII, which isn’t VI but VII. However, in all fairness, it appears that the debate in an earlier Reddit article is joking. TableFlipper4 from Reddit joked, “The trailer drops, and it gets one million views in one day, the subreddit will get flooded with more people […], and once the game finally releases, everyone will complain and say GTA V is better.” The user continued, “MrBossFTW will make a video on GTA VII, […] and there will be a few bugs on release, and people will complain about it.” It sounds pretty accurate.

“Yep, power-hungry nerds are always ahead to be mods of new subreddits, even if they won’t be used until 2027,” declared ihatejuicelol. But 2027 could be a bit optimistic, mainly if reports regarding GTA VI being launched between 2024 and 2025 are accurate.

Additionally, Rockstar Games has been making money from GTA V for the last half of an entire decade (and not stopping), So we don’t think of GTA VII to launch before 2030.

“Someone will make a subreddit dedicated to GTA VII; join us at r/GTA7,” declared Incenso-apagado, who has a subreddit GTA VII that exists. “Sernando will get an early copy of GTA VII on GTA VI launch day, and millions of children will watch his video,” said Cc99910.

GTA 6 enthusiasts are already talking about GTA 7
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