PC gamers can pick up 5 free games in October. Get them now!

PC gamers can pick up five free games in October. Get them now!


What kid doesn’t like video games for free, particularly in the current economic crisis? We’ve covered it if you want to check out some free games.

In recent times, players have been in a position to enjoy incredible online games that are free on their PCs, like the Pokemon-themed Yolk Heroes The Long Tamago, which the game’s creators describe as “Part digital pet game, part RPG adventure, and part casual idle game.” The player is expected to transform into a spirit guardian and protect the Fairy Queen as she evolves into a hero who fights with the Dark Lord and “brings peace to the land.”

In addition, PC gamers will also be able to test the new puzzle game developed by Devolver Digital and Croteam, not to mention the Talos Principle 2. which promises to be among the most beautiful games in 2023.

What other video games could PC gamers claim? You may want to know. In an update that the FreeSteamGames Twitter shared account, it is possible to claim the off-road racer, the Need for Spirit Off-Road Edition. It’s a name that sounds familiar. It’s not clear why.

Following that, we have the Abandoned Souls as well as Silent Nights. The Abandoned Souls is claimed to be “a realistic horror game created in the style of found footage.” In contrast, Silent Nights is described as a “psychological, walking simulator” that isn’t in any the least Christmas-related (probably).

The next game that is free to play is Catrina’s Halloween Nightmare. “It’s almost three years ago that it was the Halloween Party massacre tragedy. Catrina isn’t interested in anything related to Halloween, but her best friend Hope can convince her to attend an intimate reunion. She can’t stay away from this evening all the time,” reads the game’s synopsis.

“Besides, how high do you think the chances are that the same thing will happen two times? Grin Pumpkin has come back.”Finally, In the movie Blank Relish, the story will read: “Embark on a journey along with Private Marian who was able to lose everything in his crash on a mysterious planet without companionship, and with no access to the equipment he needed… Can he succeed and make it back to his home?”

PC gamers can pick up 5 free games in October. Get them now!
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