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Starfield players struggle to make it until the very end

Starfield players struggle to make it until the very end.

Starfield has been around for one month to the present, and players have been given plenty of time to play the game. However, a surising man,y are claiming to have abandoned the game after becoming frustrated.

Bethesda’s space-themed epic is proving to be more controversial than we would have thought. At GAMINGbible, We gave the game a 10/10 /10 due to its incredible dimension and sense of satisfaction. Other players criticized the loading screens on the game and speedy traveling. In sDespites, Starfield has been Bethesda’s most tremendous launch success up to now.

It’s been quite a few releases since the launch as, well as the one feature that was highly demanded being added in the last few hours. We also have confirmation that city maps are and Shattered Space DLC we’re looking towards. Ce is coming soon players aren’t keen on accumulating credits, however.

Personally, I have discovered Starfield’s narration captivating – and indeed, it gains momentum as you advance through the game. This isn’t the same experience that all players are experiencing, however. Another Reddit user posted, “Did anyone else have a break of Starfield or then not be able to return to it? It took me about 15 hours to play, was I not disappointed.

Not a particularly great game (not like Skyrim as well as Fallout) however, I was forced to put it down because I was too busy and could not get myself again into the game. It’s like it’s a burden to engage in. Never before have I felt this like that in a Bethesda game.”

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The article has received more than 1,000 votes in the last 24 hours. Welshdragon888 replied, “I’ve taken a break for 50 hours, and I’ll be back after the DLC is released. I have too many other games on the market right now,” while mrgreen4242 said, “I put almost 80 hours into the game, then took breaks, and it’s the same as you. it’sIt’se working.

There are some fantastic features in the game, which I enjoyed the heck out of them. However, I’m not interested in doing anything to clear my inventory, or construct ships or anything else because it seemed to feel like working.”

Starfield players struggle to make it until the very end
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