Humely's Choice For October 2023 Combines Horror Games

Humely’s Choice For October 2023 Combines Horror Games With Rhythm Shooters, Platformers And More

Humely’s Choice For October 2023 Combines Horror Games With Rhythm Shooters, Platformers And More


Humble Bundle is helping us prepare for Halloween with two scary titles as its Humble Choice for October 2023. But if scary isn’t your cup of tea right now, its list of games includes everything from rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger to relaxing platformers – no one needs an excuse for some scary fun this month!

Humble Choice for October 2023 The Humble Selection bundle for October 2023 showcases Supermassive Games’s Quarry Deluxe Edition as the game with the most chilling narrative, featuring iconic voices like David Arquette as protagonists who put their fates in your hands as players.

The Deluxe Edition contains both the core game as well as unique additions that enhance it, such as costumes inspired by ’80s culture, immediate availability of Death Rewind feature, Gorefest Movie Mode, and Horror History Visual Filter Pack, providing players with an enhanced gaming experience.

Humble Selection October 2023 Games List

Metal: Hellsinger from The Quarry Deluxe Edition and House of Ashes are included within Rebel Inc’s Escalation Lords and Villeins: A Juggler’s Tale/Spirit of the Island collections, respectively.

Mr. Prepper: House of Ashes by Supermassive Games offers another cinematic horror experience set during the Iraq War, featuring an elite Special Forces unit on a critical mission – searching for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

However, things soon take an unfortunate turn, and it’s up to us to ensure the cast makes it out safely from an ancient Sumerian temple that serves as a home for horrific creatures.

Metal: Hellsinger offers us even more horror for Halloween by arming us with lethal weapons to blast demons away, accompanied by thrilling metal tunes.

Rebel Inc: Escalation shifts our attention toward political-military strategic simulation, asking us to work towards stabilizing a war-ravaged country by balancing military and civilian priorities while ensuring insurgents do not gain the upper hand.

Lords and Villeins is an entertaining city-builder that centers around creating medieval families from scratch and watching their lives evolve. Don’t be fooled by its colorful pixel art; Lords and Villeins offer plenty of depth!

Spirit of the Island adds even more hue to October 2023’s Humble Selection for those seeking an immersive life simulation game.

A Juggler’s Tale, meanwhile, is an atmospheric 2.5D platformer inspired by classic fairy tales, while Mr. Prepper is more severe business, demanding us to prepare for nuclear warfare with rigorous preparation tasks.

Direct Relief, an international humanitarian aid organization dedicated to improving health and well-being among those impacted by poverty or crises regardless of politics, religion, or financial capacity, will receive 5% from every Humble Choice membership for October 2023.

Humely’s Choice For October 2023 Combines Horror Games With Rhythm Shooters, Platformers And More
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