The Batman Beyond Unreal Engine teaser is so great that I want to weep

The Batman Beyond Unreal Engine teaser is so great that I want to weep

It is impossible to have enough Batman movies, thanks to one filmmaker who has created a peek into what Batman would appear like in the forthcoming Unreal Engine project.

With the help of Unreal Engine 5, a YouTuber has made a that outlines a Batman Beyond made-for-TV cutscene that appears stunning. Although it’s only 30 seconds long, The trailer features Batman in his cape, standing over what could look like Gotham City while the rain is pouring down. Following a radio conversation before he is prepared to get into his Batplane and, if he’s lucky, fight the city’s criminals.

“What would a live-action Batman Beyond film look like?” is the question the trailer’s creator asked. “Using the capabilities to the full potential of Unreal Engine 5, I’ll be able to show you. This trailer is the teaser of my 2-minute concept trailer of what an actual live-action Batman Beyond movie will appear and feel like.”

Batman Beyond was a show on television that ran for three seasons, beginning in 1999. It featured its viewers the “exciting adventures of a new Batman when Gotham is in desperate need of a new superhero to combat gangs.” The show was abruptly cut before the start of its fourth season. No explanation was given, but we can guess the reason was poor ratings.

However, viewers have waited for the revival of the show.”People do not realize the incredible show and its many possibilities for being one of the greatest comic book films of all time.” Read one of the comments on the trailer, with another praise for the creator of the show, “Dude, you did what should have been created by a major company. It’s time to accomplish this via a petition or a similar method. Good work!”

The Batman Beyond Unreal Engine teaser is so great that I want to weep
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