LEGO Animal Crossing Sets

LEGO Animal Crossing Sets: Prices, where to buy, and More

LEGO Animal Crossing Sets: Prices, where to buy, and More

A collaboration that, in all likelihood, would have had to happen a lot earlier, LEGO and Nintendo have revealed that they will be releasing LEGO sets based on the wildly popular Animal Crossing series. The announcement follows both companies’ huge success through their Mario and LEGO collaborations. Suppose you’re in the market for some extra money or want a way to add the Animal Crossing-inspired tat to your home. In that case, we’ll tell you everything you should learn regarding Lego Animal Crossing sets, including pricing, release dates, and what sets are in stock.

LEGO Animal Crossing Sets & Prices

As of now, just 5 LEGO Animal Crossing sets have been verified, and they can be found here:

– Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities ($19.99/PS17.99)
– – Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House ($74.99/PS64.99)
— Isabelle’s House Visit ($39.99/PS34.99)
The tour includes Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour ($29.99/PS24.99)
Julian’s birthday Party ($14.99/PS12.99)

Every set comes with different items and characters. So be sure to peek at every set to determine the characters you love most make an appearance. Or to verify whether Pietro remains in the dark, damp hole he’s been living in for a while.

LEGO Animal Crossing Where To Purchase

If you’re planning to buy the sets for your children, The best way to buy them right now is via LEGO’s LEGO Store. LEGO Store. When the toys arare released,, they’re likely to be available at the usual toy stores since they can purchase Super Mario sets from various retailers these days.

LEGO Animal Crossing Release Date
The LEGO Animal Crossing Sets are now available for pre-order on the official LEGO Store, with a release date set for March 1, 2024. However, this means you’ll be unable to buy these toys before Christmas. However, that doesn’t suggest they’ll make excellent gifts for the new year.

LEGO Animal Crossing Sets: Prices, where to buy, and More
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