PlayStation Plus now includes one of 2022's acclaimed titles!

PlayStation Plus now includes one of 2022’s acclaimed titles!

PlayStation Plus now includes one of 2022’s acclaimed titles!


PlayStation Plus recently made available one of last year’s most beloved titles – one which made many Game of the Year lists and remains highly esteemed today.

Teardown is now available to PlayStation Plus subscribers with Extra and Premium subscription tiers; unfortunately Essential users will miss out.

Teardown by Tuxedo Labs is an immersive voxel graphics sandbox and adventure game which challenges players to tear apart buildings, explode objects within the game world, wreck buildings and bring buildings tumbling down with devastating effect. Teardown has received consistently favorable reviews by critics and players alike with an 80 Metacritic rating and “Overwhelmingly Positive” responses on Steam.

Teardown stands as one of 2022’s biggest games and impresses in both its campaign and sandbox components. First released 21 April 2022, players could plan the perfect heist using creative problem-solving, brute force, and all aspects available around them – an essential experience if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus service! As one of its latest major releases, this title shouldn’t be overlooked!

Official description for Teardown reads as such: “Teardown features an immersive and fully destructible environment where player freedom and emergent gameplay are key mechanics. Tear down walls using explosives or vehicles to open shortcuts never thought possible before stacking objects, building structures or using floating objects strategically to your advantage – take your time planning your heist strategy before carrying it out – run, jump, drive or slingshot however necessary in order to collect targets, avoid robots or steal what clients require of you but make sure not get caught!”

Last year on Steam Deck I played this amazing action game that completely mesmerised me (please excuse my pun). Not only is it impressively small action game but its creative mode allows players to unleash their imagination more fully than before!

PlayStation Plus now includes one of 2022’s acclaimed titles!
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